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The Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

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All sources from which information was found, sent, derived, processed, and/or re-implemented.

University of Akron
Provided invaluable resources including boiling points and melting points.
Elemental years of discovery courtesy of Chemicool.
Model Science
Very useful knowledge on the different families.
Extensive information on families and their functions.
Texas A&M University
Basic timeline of the Periodic Table of Elements.
Western Oregon University
Information regarding the contributions of Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer.
National Nuclear Data Center
Enlightening information on the naming process of new elements.
Detailed depiction of Hennig Brand's discovery of Phosphorus.


All our sources of pictures, portraits, and photographs. Say "cheese"!

About: Chemistry
Various images of the elements themselves.
Brewton-Parker College
Images of all the great minds involved in evolving the Periodic Table of Elements.